PUMA HI Presents French Club


Jakarta, BP- PUMA International Relations (HI), President University (Presuniv), launched the President University French Club (PUFC), Friday, 19 May 2023. Present at the event were Drs. Muhammad AS Hikam, MA., Ph.D., Head of International Relations Study Program, Dr. Jeanne Francoise, secretary of the HI Study Program, as well as several other lecturers. Also present to give material at the event were Airin Miranda, SS, MA, a lecturer in French Literature Study Program from the University of Indonesia (UI), and Fahmi Taftazani, Researcher at the Center for Social Representation Studies.

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The event was opened by Britanny Rumintjap, as chairman of PUFC, who gave a flashback to the formation of the club. “The idea has been around since the end of 2022. My team and I conducted a survey to find out the interest of Presuniv students in French culture. Apparently our idea received a lot of support, “said Britanny. According to Jeanne Francoise, PUFC is open to students from all study programs, “Hopefully this club can become a means of social interaction for all Presuniv students,” said Jeanne.

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In Indonesia, student interest in learning French culture is quite high. This is evident from the many French Literature Study Programs at various universities. “France has an interesting culture. Not only classic french pastries, such as croissants, or being the world fashion icon, but more than that,” said Airin. Fahmi also appreciated PUMA HI. “This activity should be emulated by other universities, because it can increase students’ mastery of foreign languages. So, it’s not just English,” he said. #rill

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