BKB Revitalization Do Not Be Unilateral


Head of the Archaeological Center (Balar) of South Sumatra (Sumsel) Province Budi Wiyana

Palembang, BP

The Palembang City Government (Pemkot) is planning to organize the Kuto Besak Fortress (BKB) to become a new tourist destination for Kota Tua Palembang. Work will be carried out at the end of this October.

However, the Head of the Archaeological Center (Balar) of South Sumatra Province (Sumsel) Budi Wiyana reminded that BKB’s assets are in the Ministry of Defense, however, BKB can be revitalized.

“If you want to revitalize the BKB, don’t go unilaterally, like from Defense itself, from the city itself, all of them are invited to talk, discuss, so that it’s not wrong, if our tendency is to blame this, in fact if the revitalization is carried out it will not be a problem for both the TNI and the government. city, “he said when met in his office, Friday (23/10).

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Because according to him from the beginning all parties had to be talked to to revitalize this BKB.

“Their version also has limitations in their thinking and human resources. BPCB can involve conservation, they can involve the South Sumatra Balar research,” he said.

Apart from that, the transfer of TNI people and assets within the BKB, according to him, needs to be discussed again.
“My principle is that, if the revitalization is not done individually, if it is involved everyone can discuss and want to return it as a cultural goal, or whether it can contribute to each other but do not stand alone,” he said.

Until now, according to Budi, Balar Sumsel has not been invited to collaborate in the BKB revitalization study by related parties.
“While not, at least if there is accidental information Ms. Retno (a researcher from Balar Sumsel) is there, at least that information is there,” he said.

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According to him, the BKB cultural heritage site was once established nationally but now it must be determined again by the Palembang City Cultural Heritage Expert Team (TACB) because the place is important and has a defense value and in its development it should not be established independently.

“The impression is that BKB belongs to defense but if it is revitalized it would be great if there is a master plan,” in the future what do you want BKB to do? Including one of them can be revitalization and who is involved, “he said.

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Until now, according to him, BKB has not had a master plan but if it is designated as a national cultural heritage, according to him it is but still with the old law but with this new law it should be re-enacted because the basis is with the latest law.

“Actually, the authority of the city to determine again, later the ranking will be from city to province and it could become national,” he said.
Regarding the buildings that damaged the BKB such as Tugi Belido, ACC Building, the pool in front of the SMB II Museum, according to him, it might be done in the next step and carried out gradually because it could not be done briefly.#osk