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“Eliminate Sectoral Ego, Time To Unite For The Sake Of Regional Identity In Palembang City “

Gerald Theodorus L. Toruan, SH, MH (Young Researcher of Research and Development Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) when he was a resource person in a National Seminar with the theme of Understanding Historical and Cultural Tourism as the Concept of a Developed Indonesia in 2045, Saturday (17/10 ) organized by the Taman Siswa University (Unitas) Palembang in collaboration with the Palembang Darussalam Sultanate and the South Sumatra State Museum Balaputra Dewa Palembang.

Palembang, BP

In the context of developing regional Defense Heritage, especially in the Province of South Sumatra (Sumsel), especially in the city of Palembang, there must be a joint political will from the stakeholders besides that there must be the same perception for the development of Defense Heritage.

“There must be no respective sectoral egos, no one should precede it, the principle of synergy is to walk together according to each other’s duties and main work, not overlapping each other and in the future it is hoped that Defense Heritage in Palembang, especially Kuto Besak Fortress. can be developed, it can be useful for the people of Palembang in particular and also for the tourism development plan of Palembang city in the following year, “said Gerald Theodorus L. Toruan, SH, MH (Young Researcher, Research and Development Expert of the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) -sela city tour in Palembang, Sunday (18/10).

Moreover, the concept of Defense Heritage Indonesia was first coined by her colleague Jeanne Francoise when she was in Malta.

He reminded again that there should be no more sectoral egos and one voice in the development of Defense Heritage in Palembang, both from the Provincial Government and City Governments and other agencies.

“The Kodam has also opened itself, it remains only the willingness of the provincial and city parties to continue and have a clear concept of the grand design, where to take the Kuto Besak Fortress, so it cannot be as instances as expected because this requires a short, medium and long term process. long term, “he said.

Moreover, according to him, when talking about the revitalization of Benteng Kuto Besak in the pre, technical and post stages, the respective agencies and agencies are involved.

“At the time of pre-revitalization, it could involve the Culture Office, during the revitalization process the Public Works and Public Relations Office and after the revitalization of the building were already there, it was neat, it was the responsibility of the Tourism Office, both provincial and city,” he said.

Moreover, he sees Defense Heritage Indonesia as a state asset that needs to be protected from any threat of extinction.

“Defense Heritage Indonesia can be optimized its use in order to foster a sense of love for the homeland of the Indonesian people. Defense Heritage Indonesia in the regions needs to be supported by the political will of policy makers. And Indonesia’s Defense Heritage is a symbol of the Indonesian nation’s struggle against the colonialists, “he said.

Meanwhile, Major Inf Zulfikar from Bintaldam II Sriwijaya who was an invited representative of the Sriwijaya Regional Military Command (Kodam II) confirmed that the TNI was what the leadership ordered if they had to move they had to move.

“In one hour you have to leave Kesdam, ready,” he said when asking in a National Seminar with the theme of Understanding Historical and Cultural Tourism as a Concept for Indonesia as a Developed Country 2045, Saturday (17/10) held by the Taman Siswa University (Unitas) Palembang in collaboration with the Sultanate. Palembang Darussalam and the State Museum of South Sumatra Balaputra Dewa Palembang.
For this reason, according to him, he hopes that he needs to rethink the steps to re-insert history and never leave history.

“But we need to re-examine what the solution is, after all, it was originally the Sultanate, we will not deny it but history also recorded before there was a hospital (Rs Dr Ak Gani), an army hospital that was being chased at that time,” he said.

He hopes that this seminar will still be followed up and must be realized.#osk

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